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we rely on oil and gas every day

Many Californians don’t realize just how many products they use every day that rely on oil and gas. As we chart a path forward for California's energy future, we invite you to learn more and join the conversation with all the facts surrounding oil and gas' important role in your life.

Oil and gas, the California way
Aera is leading the way toward a lower carbon energy future by exploring innovative technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage, meeting and exceeding world class environmental regulations and evaluating options for powering operations with renewable energy.

Who Knew?

Department of Energy

"Petrochemicals derived from oil and natural gas make the manufacturing of over 6,000 everyday products and high-tech devices possible." Learn more

Earth Science Week

"Most people associate petroleum with transportation — but we are surrounded by thousands of other everyday products that come from this vital natural resource." Learn more

Californians for Energy Independence

"6,000+ everyday products are made from petroleum products: Shoes, Phones, Eyeglasses, Heart valves, & Disposable diapers." Learn more

Wall Street Journal

"What would a world without oil and gas look like? We're getting a preview: surging prices for food and other everyday goods. Oil and natural gas aren't needed to only generate energy. They're also critical for an array of products including face masks, diapers and vegan leather." Learn more